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2/2/2012 · Target Shotgun Sports. Home; Bob Brister’s book “Shotgunning, the Art and Science” has some nice work on 410 patterns. But I would not recommend the average dove hunter using a .410 shotgun. Shotgun Sub Gauge Forum "I know that a 12gauge should be patterened at 40 yards, at what distance should the" "All of them! No really. This test Shotguns can come in 10, 12, 16, 20, 28, and .410 gauge. 3/25/2009 · Saiga .410 Shotgun Review. The Yildiz opens wide for easy shell extraction and has a foolproof barrel selector and safety. 410 PATTERN SHOTGUN

410 shotgun – DO NOT try anything you see in this video at home! You

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  • Baikal .410 shotgun review : and with the 18g Eley load, this Baikal threw tight patterns and still produced good killing patterns to 30 yards.
  • Shotgun Sub Gauge Forum "Here’s a question I constantly wrestle with.
  • Bird shot at 25 yards shows a pretty decent pattern.


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A pump or semi-automatic 410 shotgun cannot cycle and fire 45 Colt ammunition. ← New from Arsenal: 12 and 410 Gauge AK-Pattern Shotguns. 4/1/2008 · Best Answer: My family has sort of a thing for .410 shotguns, so we’ve been using them for at least 4 generations. Another test conducted by firearm examiners is known as Shotgun Pattern Testing.
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